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Ecospecifier Global News:

Ecospecifier Global at HIA Build Green Expo!
Ecospecifier had a successful and enjoyable time at the HIA Build Green Expo. Thank you for all the lovely people who came to see us!

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Global Product News:

Certified Listings: Global GreenTag
For a full list of recently added Global GreenTag Certified Listings click here

Global GreenTag's 1st Platinum Product is finally here!
After considerable effort and 500 products later, Global GreenTag's LCARate has finally found our First Platinum Rated Product : The Cedar Sales Product Range. Read more...

repocolGreenTag Program Feature Product:
Cedar Sales - Panelling
GreenTag Platinium GreenRate Level A Certified, range of interior panels suitable for commercial and residential applications. Read more....



repocolGreenTag Program Feature Product:
Armstrong World Industries (Australia) Pty Ltd Flooring - Wallflex 2mm
GreenTag Gold, GreenRate Level A Certified, durable, homogeneous, vinyl wall product with recycled PVC content. Suitable for a range of commercial applications. Read more....


Ecospecifier Global Verified Listings:
For a full list of recently Verified Listings click here.

repocolEcospecifier Verified Feature Product:
Altro Flooring - Safety Flooring Range
Range of low VOC, homogenous sheet vinyl flooring with enhanced slip resistance and permanent antibacterial surface, containing post consumer recycled glass and post industrial PVC chip. Suitable for commercial and industrial applications. Read more....


repocolEcospecifier Verified Feature Product:
Gunnersen - Nevamar Armoured Protection Laminate Surfaces
A range of low VOC hard wearing decorative surface laminates. Suitable for interior applications including benches, worktops, wall and wet area linings, furniture and joinery in interior applications. Read more....

Congratulations to MM Kembla for completing their GreenTag GreenRate and LCARate certification
MM Kembla provides copper tubes for refrigeration and plumbing with high recycled content. Suitable for commercial and residential refrigeration and plumbing purposes.

Ecospecifier Verified 'green tick' logo phase out - commenced
Some 6 months ago now we gave notice that due to significant feedback about confusion created by the 'green tick' version of the Ecospecifier Verified logo in relation to Global GreenTag Certification, Ecospecifier determined that the 'green tick' logo would be replaced with a simpler logo that helps consumers and professionals, identify verified assessments. This replacement will now be implemented.. Read more...

THERMOMASS : it's role in concrete panels
Thermomass concrete sandwich panels are built and insulated at the same time. When they arrive on site they are finished products. Read more...

United Bonded Fabrics Inducted into Manufacturing Hall of Fame
United Bonded Fabrics (UBF) has been inducted into the Victorian
Manufacturing Hall of Fame at a gala event held on May 3rd, 2012 which celebrated those manufacturing organizations who have demonstrated a long term commitment to manufacturing excellence and continual innovation Read more...

Interface GreenTag certification maintained on key imports after fire razes factory
On Friday 20th July, at 6.55pm, a blaze sparked in the Interface carpet tile manufacturing facility, just outside Sydney NSW. Fortunately no one was injured, however the factory was decimated by the fire. Read more...

Global Development & Industry Partner News:

Development News:

Ecospecifier Global now in Partnership with The Carbon Market
Carbon Market Pty Ltd is an online-display advertising and media content company that's gaining market share. Growth opportunities, including new advertising markets, increased subscribers, white labelling and our being embedded into smart TVs will add to significant value enhancement.. Read more...

Ecospecifier Global now in Partnership with Green World City
Green World City Organisation is dedicated to creating sustainable cities worldwide. We provide cost-effective solutions to make cities more environmentally sustainable and also more economically vibrant. Read more...

GBCA Discussion Paper: Life Cycle Assessment in Green Star
LCA is currently used by some in the Australian property and construction industry to identify and prioritise the use of products and materials with lower environmental impacts. Currently, the Green Star materials category does not require projects to evaluate the impact of materials using LCA; but instead contains specific criteria that address opportunities for reduced environmental impact. Read more...

Industry News:

GreenTag National Advisory Committee and Industry Expert Panel Nominations
Global GreenTag is forming a number of Industry Expert Panels , as well as calling for nominations of members to the 2012-2014 GreenTag National Advisory Committee to advise on the development and review of the GreenTag Standards and Operations. Read more...

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Global GreenTag has launched it's new website!
Go to www.globalgreentag.comto learn more about this new website. We love feedback, so don't hesitate to give it to us!

Global Expo News:

Inquire now for GreenTag GreenZones in 2012 exhibitons
If you are a green product and proud of it, why now show it and join the masses of GreenTag certified products exhibiting in the GreenTag GreenZones for Expos in 2012.

Contact the Ecospecifier sales team for:

- Grand Design Live Melbourne 2012 (21-23 Sep 2012)

- Future Build 2012 (Melbourne 2-4 Oct 2012)

- Grand Design Live Sydney 2012 (Sydney 5-7 Oct 2012)

Tell us more about your product and join us to become part of the green crowd!

Global Conference and Event News:

Government Sustainability Conference 2012
The Conference will again provide local, state and federal government professionals and representatives of other public sector agencies with comprehensive analysis and advice about how to ingrain environmentally sustainable policies and practices within their organisations and the communities they serve. Read more...

The GBCSA Convention and Exhibition is South Africa's premier green building event taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 23 - 25 October
It provides access to the latest, cutting edge information and knowledge delivered by international and local thought leaders. Read more...

Interested in Queensland Government's Infrastructure, Building & Construction Trade Mission to India from 30th Oct to 2nd Nov 2012?
If your answer is Yes, click here

World Building Congress 2013
The CIB World Building Congress will be held in Brisbane from 5-9 May 2013. Read more...

Global General News:

Number of Green Star Buildings
From a zero base in 2003, the number of Green Star certified projects has grown exponentially.
Click here to view the graph from 2003 to 2012

Free Online Technical Manuals now for GBCA Members
All Green Star technical manuals and submission guidelines are now available for free for GBCA members to view on the GBCA website. The Green Star Rating Tool Technical Manual Viewer allows you to choose which manual you would like to view and search for keywords, making it easier to find the information you need.

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"As a design firm, we want to spend maximum time on design. Therefore, ecospecifier is our first and last stop in specifying materials, as the research is done for us already".

Gerard Reinmuth
Terroir Architects

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‘While assessing and understanding the carbon footprint of a product or system is advantageous, especially in our current carbon conscious environment, focussing solely on carbon as an indicator can ignore and even increase the real and potential impacts from a broader lifecycle perspective….’

Brett Giddings
VISY Product Sustainability Manager

"I have been involved in many LCA projects in my time at Visy and am yet to find a Peer-Reviewed LCA with so many indicators at such a cost effective price….The great labelling, certification and marketing benefits (of GreenTag®) could be seen as an added bonus."

Brett Giddings
Product Sustainability Manager

"Your Ecospecifier ‘Knowledge Green’ section has been promoted to pretty near consistently the top of my resources for students (and smarter clients), especially for the valuable Setting Priorities documents, well prioritised technical guides and informative case studies."

Steve King
Senior Lecturer

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