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The Liveability Initiative Launch in Canberra on the 22nd of July, Join Us!
The LJ Hooker and Ecospecifier Global team have brought together a group of top knowledge partners in order to provide the highest level of information on sustainability and your property. Click here to download the brochure.

Seminar on 'How to Make "Green" Work for your Bottom Line'
Global GreenTag and Australian Living have joined hands to organize an educational seminar for manufacturers and suppliers. Click here to download the brochure.

Click here to view the simplified version of our Score Card

Global GreenTag has launched it's new website!
Go to to learn more about this new website. We love feedback, so don't hesitate to give it to us!

GBCA Discussion Paper: Life Cycle Assessment in Green Star
LCA is currently used by some in the Australian property and construction industry to identify and prioritise the use of products and materials with lower environmental impacts. Currently, the Green Star materials category does not require projects to evaluate the impact of materials using LCA; but instead contains specific criteria that address opportunities for reduced environmental impact. Read more...

Global Product News:

Certified Listings & Verified Listings:
For a full list of recently added Certified Listings click here, and for Verified Listings click here.

repocolGreenTag Program Feature Product:
Interface Aust Pty Ltd - Nylon 6 GlasBacRe
GreenTag Gold, GreenRate Level A Certified, range of low VOC, resilient nylon yarn carpet tiles, available in a range of colours and textured finishes with GlasBac®Re backing containing post consumer recycled PVC content. Designed for commercial applications. Read more....


repocolGreenTag Program Feature Product:
Buro Seating - Task Chairs
GreenTag Level C Certified range of high quality ergonomic mid and high back task seating, available in selection of quality stock fabric colours including leather and PU or customer selected upholsteries. Supported by AFRDI Level 6 Certification or using AFRDI certified components. Read more....

Ecospecifier Verified 'green tick' logo phase out - commenced
Some 6 months ago now we gave notice that due to significant feedback about confusion created by the 'green tick' version of the Ecospecifier Verified logo in relation to Global GreenTag Certification, Ecospecifier determined that the 'green tick' logo would be replaced with a simpler logo that helps consumers and professionals, identify verified assessments. This replacement will now be implemented.. Read more...

Polyflor is the first Company to launch BIM files of Global GreenTag Certified Products for Revit and ArchiCAD!
Polyflor has become the first commercial flooring manufacturer in AUS/NZ to launch BIM profiles for it's commercial and domestic flooring ranges for both Revit and ArchiCAD. Read more...

THERMOMASS : It's role for Apartments
The boom in building apartments is undeniable. All across major cities in Australia thousands of new apartments mushroom up as we rush towards greater density living.. Read more...

Congratulations to Herman Miller SAYL - Voted Best Hospitality Task chair at HA+D 2012

Congratulations to Interface for completing their GreenTag GreenRate and LCARate certification
Interface provides a range of low VOC, resilient nylon yarn carpet tiles, available in a range of colours and textured finishes, designed for commercial applications.To view their product listings please click here

Armstrong Flooring Australia Adds to Environmental Credentials Australian made vinyl floor and wall products for the built environment now achieve 'Best Practice PVC' certification and Global GreenTag GreenRate 'Level A'. Read more...

Congratulations to Chesterfield House for winning the Qld Furniture of the Year Awards for the 2nd year straight!

Global Partner News:

Global GreenTag celebrates the successful appointment of GreenTag agents in: Europe, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, South America and South East Asia!

Ecospecifier Global now in Partnership with The Liveability Initiative - LJ Hooker
The LJ Hooker team have brought together a group of top knowledge partners in order to provide the highest level of information on sustainability and your property., Liveability supports people to make the sustainability choices that are right for you. Click here to learn more.

Ecospecifier South Africa now in Partnership with Spec Solutions, EarthCheck South Africa, The Green Venture and eLabel
Please click the respective links to read more about how these partnerships could assist you.

Ecospecifier Global now in Partnership with Which Energy
Consumers will have the power to drive best practice in Australia's solar industry with the consumer website and Solar Electricity Consumer Guide. Read more...

Global Expo News:

Inquire now for GreenTag GreenZones in 2012 exhibitons
If you are a green product and proud of it, why now show it and join the masses of GreenTag certified products exhibiting in the GreenTag GreenZones for Expos in 2012.

Contact the ecospecifier sales team or the exhibition organisers for;

- Total Facilities Live 2012 (Sydney 19-20 July2012)

Tell us more about your product and join us to become part of the green crowd!

Global Conference and Event News:

Government Sustainability Conference 2012
The Conference will again provide local, state and federal government professionals and representatives of other public sector agencies with comprehensive analysis and advice about how to ingrain environmentally sustainable policies and practices within their organisations and the communities they serve. Read more...

World Building Congress 2013
The CIB World Building Congress will be held in Brisbane from 5-9 May 2013. Read more...

Global General News:

Read David Baggs interview in the latest Brisbane Economic Series Issue 3: Property – the green building issue
The Brisbane Economic Series is the bi-monthly online guide to the Brisbane economy. Brisbane, Australia's New World City, is embracing green building design and construction which is the focus of the current edition of the Brisbane Economic Series. Read more...

PVC Industry Continues to Step up to New Challenges
Nine years after commencing its industry-wide product stewardship program, the PVC industry has released its latest annual report of progress in improving the environmental and health impacts associated with the life cycle of PVC and PVC products. Read more...

Youth Leading the World 2012
Imagine thousands of young people coming together in multiple locations simultaneously, to focus their attention on global sustainability challenges such as energy, food, climate change and water and plan together how they can create fairer futures. Read more...

Archicad 16 releases integrated energy modeller in latest BIM tool
Archicad 16 introduces a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions to ease the creation, sharing, and finding of custom BIM components. Read more...

ACCOR Commits to 85% use of Eco-labelled Products Worldwide
World's most progressive sustainability program to involve all Accor hotels, employees and guests. Building on almost two decades of best-in-class performance in sustainable development, (including EarthCheck Certification) Accor is taking its commitment to sustainability to a higher level with the launch of PLANET 21. Read more...

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"As a design firm, we want to spend maximum time on design. Therefore, ecospecifier is our first and last stop in specifying materials, as the research is done for us already".

Gerard Reinmuth
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‘While assessing and understanding the carbon footprint of a product or system is advantageous, especially in our current carbon conscious environment, focussing solely on carbon as an indicator can ignore and even increase the real and potential impacts from a broader lifecycle perspective….’

Brett Giddings
VISY Product Sustainability Manager

"I have been involved in many LCA projects in my time at Visy and am yet to find a Peer-Reviewed LCA with so many indicators at such a cost effective price….The great labelling, certification and marketing benefits (of GreenTag®) could be seen as an added bonus."

Brett Giddings
Product Sustainability Manager

"Your Ecospecifier ‘Knowledge Green’ section has been promoted to pretty near consistently the top of my resources for students (and smarter clients), especially for the valuable Setting Priorities documents, well prioritised technical guides and informative case studies."

Steve King
Senior Lecturer

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