Provide Substantial Global Benefits for the world's products with Environmental, Social, & Economic criteria:

  • Rating System: Sustainable, Sustainable Silver, Sustainable Gold & Sustainable Platinum
  • Multiple Environmental, Social, & Economic Benefits over the supply chain
  • Business Benefits: cost savings, design innovation, product differentiation, long term customer relationships, liability reduction
  • Market Definition of Sustainable Products
  • Life Cycle Environmental Performance Requirements for Sustainable Products
  • Social Performance Requirements for sustainable Products over the supply chain
  • Define Sustainable Agriculture
  • Maximum Credit/Recognition over All Product Stages/Entire Supply Chain for:
    • 100% Reduction of Over 1300 Pollutants covering 12 Environmental Impacts
    • 100% Use of Green-e Renewable Power
    • 100% Post Consumer Recycled or Organic/BMP Biobased Materials
    • 100% Reuse/Product Reclamation
    • Social Equity for Manufacturer & Suppliers