GreenTag LCA Rate Silver


A GreenTagTM LCARate Silver award indicates that a product is in the top 20% of its market category.

A GreenTagTM LCARate Silver award is given to products that achieve a score of ≤0.75 and >0.5. Furthermore, the product triggers no ecospecifier Cautionary Assessment Process (ES CAP) 'Red Light' warnings post Risk Analysis allowing for ES CAP clause 6.8.4 exceptions.

Discernment of the comparative performance of products within this tier can be made by reference to the actual GreenTagTM Ecopoint score determined by the Assessment process. A product is assessed against Sustainability Assessment Categories (SACs) and allocated a possible score out of 0-1. Where a score of 0 = no impact, and a score of 1 = Impact of Worst Case Business as Usual product in the same functional purpose category.

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