GreenTag LCA Rate Bronze


A GreenTagTM LCARate Bronze award indicates that a product is in the top 25% of its market category.

A GreenTagTM LCARate Bronze award is given to products that achieve a score of >0.75. Furthermore, the product passes the ecospecifier Cautionary Assessment Process (ES CAP) assessment process allowing for ES CAP clause 6.8.4 exceptions.

A Bronze award is generally equivalent to other Type 1 Ecolabels.

Discernment of the comparative performance of products within this tier can be made by reference to the actual GreenTagTM Ecopoint score determined by the Assessment process. A product is assessed against Sustainability Assessment Categories (SACs) and allocated a possible score out of 0-1. Where a score of 0 = no impact, and a score of 1 = Impact of Worst Case Business as Usual product in the same functional purpose category.

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